Tricks and Traps of Change Management During HCM Software Implementation

Effective strategies for making your human capital management projects successful.

Change is difficult. Learn three tricks to employ and three traps to avoid for a successful change management process when implementing HCM software.

A strong economy can force talent acquisition professionals to evaluate their recruiting strategies and focus on more effective ways to attract new talent. Many are moving to automated HR processes, but change management during an HCM implementation can be challenging for an organization. This article outlines successful strategies.

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Knowing which strategies have worked for other HR leaders can be helpful:

  • Ask who needs to be involved and what is most important
  • Plan communication carefully relative to timing, training, and impact
  • Execute a phased rollout to optimize workflows and increase confidence

It's also important to avoid common traps to boost change management success:

  • Don't automate ineffective prior processes; evaluate best practices
  • Don't let negative voices take over; try to understand their concerns
  • Don't spread negativity: share concerns with the implementation team and not widely in your organization

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