Transforming OR Staffing and Scheduling with Technology

Automating perioperative staffing and on-call scheduling can improve accuracy, efficiency and morale.

OR staffing is challenging, but technology can streamline perioperative staffing and scheduling to create best-fit, fair assignments that boost morale.

Learn about the important role scheduling software can play in this "Transforming OR Staffing and Scheduling with Technology" white paper. For a busy OR, investing in automating perioperative scheduling can deliver great improvements in scheduling accuracy and efficiency while increasing staff satisfaction and supporting patient safety.

More about this white paper

Hospital operating rooms are the sites of delicate, complicated, and vital work every day. Ensuring you have the right physicians, nurses, and technicians in the right operating rooms at the right times is critical to their lifesaving work. For nurse managers and others responsible for creating appropriate perioperative schedules with the right OR staff in the right rooms, technology can be a valuable resource.

Utilizing automated perioperative scheduling and staffing technology can help your hospital:

  • Ensure schedule fairness and transparency
  • Simplify processes with automated rules-based schedule creation
  • Provide real-time access to schedules and easily communicate schedule changes
  • Empower employees with mobile device access to schedules from anywhere
  • Improve data analysis to increase OR efficiency and monitor staff utilization

Download this informative white paper to see how you can improve your OR staffing and scheduling processes with technology.