The Transformative Power of Access to Information

As the digital transformation continues, employees expect greater and faster access to data.

Giving employees access to information can be a competitive advantage for organizations. Learn how relevant data empowers employees to work smarter.

The digital revolution has started. Google, Uber, and quickly search and sort massive amounts of data to deliver useful information and services to consumers, explains John Frehse, Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting. Consumers expect ― and rely on ― this instant access to quality information but often are left wanting when they head to work and are unable to access valuable information quickly.

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Delivering actionable information in real time to employees supports better understanding and informed decision making. To realize these benefits, organizations should:

  • Review whether employees can easily access the information they need to do their jobs
  • Provide employees at all levels with greater access to data for expanded decision making
  • Ensure processes are transparent so employees have all the facts
  • Utilize data analytics to improve decision making and productivity

Download this excerpt from “Being Present” by The Workforce Institute to learn more about the transformative power of access to information.

“Where data is in short supply, employees often fill the void with perceived truths and rumors.”

John Frehse
Senior Managing Director, Ankura Consulting