With adoption of online and mobile banking on the rise, retail banking customers are visiting branches less. There’s no question that technology is driving transformation at the branch. Retail banks are moving toward video tellers, specialist-on-demand services, universal agents, and other technologies as a way to supplement branch staff and improve service delivery while controlling costs. That’s why engaging employees to embrace evolving roles, technology, and service expectations as part of the branch of the future is critical to success moving forward.

The Transformation of the Retail Branch with Workforce Management

In this executive report, Kronos Financial Services Industry Director Malysa O’Connor will discuss the growing importance of employee engagement in optimizing sales and service delivery at retail bank branches and the challenges involved in effectively engaging today’s multigenerational workforce. She will explain how, as retail banks continue to transform and evolve, they can leverage workforce management technology to operationalize their employee engagement strategies and programs.

O’Connor will also demonstrate how workforce management technology can help drive engagement by eliminating manual tasks, promoting leadership, standardizing policies, empowering employees to make a difference, and putting all workers in a position to win while ensuring fairness. She’ll provide valuable insights into creating a work environment in which employees feel they are valued and treated equitably so they are more willing to adapt to change and go the extra mile to contribute to branch success — now and in the future.