This is a time of extraordinary change and uncertainty in health care. There’s intense pressure to improve quality, lower costs, and increase the value of the care provided. Studies show that as many as half of providers are experiencing professional burnout.

Transform Your Perioperative Staffing and Scheduling Processes explores how you can use automated perioperative scheduling to help streamline staffing in OR and procedural areas — saving time, reducing errors, and improving staff morale.

Transform Your Perioperative Staffing and Scheduling Processes

Replay the webinar to learn how to:

  • Minimize time spent creating and managing the call schedule — with rule-generated assignments and on-call schedules based on skills, specialty, and availability
  • Provide real-time visibility to call schedules
  • Effectively manage the OR schedule by easily assigning staff to rooms and cases, and managing sick calls and emergency procedures
  • Increase OR throughput and improve efficiencies
  • Deliver mobile access to schedules anytime, anywhere
  • Enable staff to easily swap assignments and make requests