Accounting for the labor costs involved in grant-funded activities can be fraught with difficulty-but an automated workforce management system can help.

Billions of dollars in funding is allocated to school districts across the U.S. each year through federal grants and child nutrition programs. But this financial support comes with the added responsibility of tracking and reporting back on how these special activities dollars are spent, which can be cumbersome. Being able to link the time employees work on grant-related tasks to the correct funding source is critical to meeting compliance requirements and securing future funding.

Tracking & Reporting Special Activities Labor in Schools White Paper

This white paper examines why tracking and reporting special activities labor is important, the challenges involved in doing it accurately-and how an automated workforce management solution can help schools meet these challenges much more effectively. Topics covered include:

  • The federal funding landscape
  • The need for transparency and accountability
  • The challenges of compliance
  • Comparing automated vs. paper-based timekeeping
  • How to make audits easier

An automated workforce management solution saves time and improves accuracy in tracking and reporting on special activities labor. It also provides real-time visibility into the labor costs associated with grant projects. This helps school systems ensure transparency and accountability, making them more likely to earn additional funding in the future.

Download this white paper to learn more about how an automated workforce management system can benefit your school.