Tracking Extended Work Time and Comp Time Benefits with UKG AutoTime Datasheet

Accurately track extended work time and comp time benefits.

Extended work time and comp time are valuable ways to increase manufacturing employee satisfaction. UKG AutoTime™ easily tracks this time.

For aerospace, defense, and other manufacturing industries, providing extended work time (EWT) and comp time benefits can boost employee morale and retention. These benefits also enable companies to ramp up work schedules to meet project deadlines. UKG AutoTime includes tools that help managers oversee and efficiently manage EWT and comp time.

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Using UKG AutoTime, companies can:

  • Establish limits on extended work time and comp time by employee
  • Exclude ineligible time — including sick, vacation, and holiday time — from being included in EWT and comp time thresholds through built-in rules
  • Authorize or change EWT and comp time before, during, or after hours are worked
  • Ensure equitable and correct application of the benefit
  • Display EWT and comp time on employee timecards
  • Include EWT and comp time in total time accounting calculations
  • Use APIs to import EWT and comp time from project-planning solutions

Download this informative piece to see scenarios that show how EWT and comp time can be approved and calculated for specific work situations.