Discover how you can develop a more targeted selection process and hire more successful frontline employees.

The Top Five Factors that Make Great Frontline Healthcare Workers

span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;>Learn how to more effectively select frontline workers from both within and outside the healthcare industry using five key performance areas as assessment indicators.</font></span></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;>Substantial industry growth, along with the new positions created by it, is a key factor contributing to the staffing shortage facing long-term care today. The other factor is the high turnover rate resulting from the low pay, low status, poor benefits, and high physical and emotional demands of these roles.</font></span></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;></font></span></p><p><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;><span>Find out how to gain a better understanding of the behaviors that define performance in these positions so you can then develop a more targeted and effective selection process, resulting in the hire of more successful frontline employees</span><span>.</span></font><span></span></p><p>