Are you making mistakes when it comes to managing your financial services workforce? Learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Managing a diverse workforce of exempt and non-exempt employees across back-office, contact center, and frontline operations is no easy feat. Given this complexity of workforce management in financial services, it's not surprising that even the most savvy business leaders hit some stumbling blocks. Join Dave Kerstein, Management Consultant at Peak Performance Consulting Group, Kronos® Industry Principal Kevin Steel, and Senior Industry Manager Chad Davis as they explore common missteps that can stand in the way of optimizing your most valuable competitive differentiator: your people. You'll get valuable insights for better leveraging workforce management processes and technology to control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, minimize compliance risk, and drive employee engagement.

Top 10 Workforce Management Mistakes in Financial Services

This webinar provides expert advice and proven management tips to help you:

  • Optimize staffing, manage absenteeism, minimize compliance risk for better business outcomes
  • Keep employees engaged and empowered to do their best work and deliver a superior customer experience
  • Gain visibility into the workforce and how it affects sales, service, and overall business performance

View this informative webinar and learn how to steer clear of workforce management mistakes that can impede your competitive success.