This is the second webinar in Human Resources Today's Payroll and Compliance series featuring thought leaders who create payroll and compliance strategies.

Modern technology has allowed the workplace to evolve into a broad network for employees, often spanning several cities, states, and countries. This webinar series highlights the ever-changing world of compliance and compensation rules and regulations through real-world examples of organizations who are successfully navigating this complex realm.

Timekeeping Integration: The Key to Compliance

Replay Timekeeping Integration: The Key to Compliance to explore how the ever-increasing stream of regulations and labor laws create tremendous compliance challenges-and how tracking employees' time on paper just isn't cutting it. The good news: With today's technology, even a very small employer can implement a timekeeping system that integrates with payroll, without breaking the bank, while providing compliance and productivity peace of mind.

Presented by Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing, the webinar will discuss:

  • The top three payroll compliance offenses that can cost your company huge penalties
  • A brief review of the FLSA, DOL, Meal Premiums and fair scheduling regulations with the biggest impact
  • How an accurate timekeeping system can help with compliance, employer/employee transparency, increased productivity and decrease workforce costs
  • Timekeeping integration and the value it provides for you and your company
  • How to identify potential problems in your timekeeping that can expose your company to risk of violation