Payroll mistakes can be costly. Learn how combining time and payroll improves efficiency and compliance, reduces payroll errors, and lowers costs.

In this webinar hosted by Aptitude Research and Kronos, discover the benefits of bringing together time and payroll. A recent Aptitude Research study indicates that organizations are 44 percent more likely to have a payroll error rate below 2 percent when they use a solution that integrates timekeeping and payroll.

Webinar: Is Time Costing You Payroll Dollars?

During the webinar, our experts discuss three critical benefits of integrated time and payroll:

  • Maximizing efficiency and business impact by reducing error rates
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance through automated processing to remain current with changing labor regulations
  • Enhancing the employee experience by providing perfect paychecks

View this webinar now to learn how your organization can decrease costly payroll mistakes with a combined timekeeping and payroll solution.