Three Ways Payroll Plays a Pivotal Role in Employee Engagement

Insight on the positive effects payroll can have on overall employee satisfaction.

Learn how payroll is helping to engage employees & the three technology solutions supporting it: time collection devices, attestation, and self-service.

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Payroll directly impacts the employee experience every single payday, because when paychecks are accurate and delivered on time, employee satisfaction increases. But the opposite is also true. There’s no faster way to make employees unhappy than by getting their wages, deductions, taxes, or direct deposit accounts wrong.

If employees are concerned and uncertain about their checks, productivity, morale, and engagement can suffer — and the negativity can spread. Payroll teams can allay these fears while boosting organizational efforts to improve engagement through workforce technology solutions that include time-collection devices, attestation tools, and mobile and self-service:

  • Timeclocks — Next-generation time-collection devices record employee start and end times for payment but can also be used to enhance employee performance and communicate key messages to employees, such as safety and company announcements. Employees gain visibility into their schedules, accrual balances, and time-off request statuses, making them more confident about their total time and pay for the week — while payroll spends less time tracking down hours.
  • Attestation — With tools to attest to the hours they have worked, employees become more vested in making sure they are being paid correctly. With an attestation tool, employees can confirm the accuracy of their hours and understand what their paychecks will look like in real time, minimizing anxiety and building confidence in their employer. Employees gain control of their own time management while also supporting compliance efforts.
  • Self-service — Delivered on their devices of choice, self-service options give employees greater control and make it easier for them to take ownership of their information. They can get the information they need when they need it, which helps reduce stress and increase satisfaction. Knowing their time and pay data is accurate strengthens an employee’s connection to the organization and builds engagement.

With its close connection to the employee experience, payroll has an important role to play in creating and supporting employee engagement. Download this article to learn how technology solutions can help you ensure your employees have a great experience with your organization that can lead to stronger engagement and retention.