Stay Current on Compliance eBook

Leverage analytics and insights to adhere to compliance regulations for salaried and hourly employees.

Kronos® employee compliance analytics can help you leverage critical compliance data and apply rules consistently and fairly across all collar workers.

Staying current on proposed compliance changes, updates to existing regulations, and roll-outs of new regulations can be overwhelming. As organizations grapple with pay equity laws, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, they also must deal with other applicable federal, state, and local wage and hour regulations, which vary from one jurisdiction to the next and tend to change over time. Without the proper insights, information, and tools, you could put your organization at risk for both unnecessary compliance litigation and hefty fines.

More about this eBook

Kronos employee compliance analytics will give you access to data and automation that will improve the operational performance of your entire workforce — both hourly and salaried employees — and provide you with the insights you need to:

  • Regulate high overtime costs
  • Identify potential pay equity issues
  • Expose manager misconduct
  • Zero in on rounding rules
  • Enforce OSHA standards

Put your data to work for your business-and stay compliant. Download this eBook today to see learn more about how Kronos employee compliance analytics can help your organization drive process efficiency, boost data accuracy, and enhance overall employee engagement for improved operational performance and bottom-line results.