The State of Payroll: Staying on Top of New State Labor Laws explores new state laws and what payroll teams must do to ensure paycheck accuracy.

Originally featured in the American Payroll Association’s PAYTECH magazine, this insightful article explains how unprecedented changes to state laws and regulations in 2018 will add significant complexity for payroll to process and proactive ways to stay ahead of it.

The State of Payroll: Staying on Top of New State Labor Laws

Due to a lack of federal guidance, many state legislatures have taken it upon themselves to enact state laws to support labor initiatives that range from new paid sick and parental leave rules to new state payroll taxes and predictive scheduling changes. However, complying with these new laws means payroll teams must incorporate new rules into their processes to ensure each mandate is accurately reflected in employee paychecks.

Getting and staying ahead of state-level regulatory change using the following three steps could help you avoid potentially costly surprises:

  • Stay informed via your HR/payroll software vendor/provider and other sources to learn about important legislative changes
  • Invest in automated payroll software to speed up processing and configure rules quickly to implement changes as they happen
  • Be prepared for future changes by ensuring you have a payroll system flexible enough to accommodate them easily

Change may be constant, but you can prepare for it — and even flourish. Learn more by downloading this article now.