March 2015
Source: IDC

Staffing Post-Acute Care and Senior Living Facilities to Meet the Demands of Increasing Acuity

Post-acute care and senior living providers are facing increased staffing challenges due to higher acuity residents and patients. From a demographic perspective, the over-65 population is expected to double by 2030, and this will place more demands on post-acute care and senior living providers and their staff. This growing over-65 population has a high burden of chronic disease, resulting in increasing acuity levels among residents. Labor is the top source of operating costs for post-acute providers, and managing these costs while striving to staff facilities with the best mix of people and skills to deliver high-quality care appropriate to the workload intensity levels of the resident will become a bigger challenge. These issues make effective workforce management solutions that allow providers to staff specific to workload intensity levels a critical issue.