School district employees often work additional hours outside of their main job function. As district budgets tighten, forcing school systems to tap into their existing labor pools for secondary or supplemental jobs, tracking this extra-duty time becomes complex and error-prone. Learn what steps you can take to ensure non-exempt and hourly employees are being paid properly for their extra-duty time. 

Solving K-12's Biggest Workforce Management Challenge

Read how automated technology can help streamline timekeeping and benefit your school district by:

  • Improving efficiency — let automated technology determine the accurate pay rate for each extra-duty activity, reducing human error and time-consuming paperwork
  • Reducing compliance risk — protect your grant funding by letting automation assign accurate pay rates when non-exempt employees are working extra duties that are supported by grant funds
  • Gaining visibility — avoid the delayed data that results from tracking extra-duty hours on separate timesheets and tap into real-time data that helps inform expenditure decisions and more