Reducing costs doesn’t have to mean cutting staff. Learn the benefits of improved labor cost management: accountability, lower expenses, and more.

Securing Revenue with Improved Labor Use

span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;>Learn seven ways to improve labor use, how poorly-timed labor management decisions can impact your organization, how to establish a culture of accountability, and the bottom line benefits of improved labor management.</font></span></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;></font></span></p><p><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;><span>Many hospitals consider cutting staff in order to reduce costs.  But there are better options. </span><span>To position their organizations to optimize labor resources, hospital leaders must develop a better understanding of labor cost management and sources of labor variance. In addition, processes should be in place to foster communication and collaboration around productivity measures, make use of data-gathering tools and analytics, and support accountability.</span><span></span></font></p><p><span><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;></font></span></p><p><font face=&#34;Calibri&#34;><span>Find out </span><span>how, for many organizations, the better answer to managing costs is adopting an improved approach to labor management.</span></font><span></span></p><p>