Campus dining, housing, and security managers face unique challenges in scheduling staff. Learn how an automated workforce management solution can help.

Scheduling part-time student workers — and full-time staff — in a higher education setting is particularly challenging considering students' busy lives and changing schedules. Managers often have to hire multiple workers to cover a food services shift, for example, and they may have to fill a shift with little notice. In scheduling campus security and police, they also need to consider union rules.

Scheduling a workforce in higher education

Using an automated workforce management solution can help managers overcome these scheduling challenges:

  • Workers can indicate their availability using an app or a self-service portal, and managers can quickly see who is available to work
  • When employees call out, managers can see a list of available and qualified workers to receive open-shift messages
  • Employees can claim open shifts, swap shifts, and find replacements by using the app

Download this informative piece to learn more and read case studies about higher education institutions that are using automated scheduling to staff workers for campus dining, housing, and security services.

"We're leveraging technology so that last-minute changes that normally would take a long time to make can be made quickly. To do that in an automated way, where the person already has the skills and knowledge and can just step in and fill that role, leads to optimal outcomes-because it allows for real-time changes without the need for management oversight."

Dennis Miller
Chief Employment Officer
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation