Incorrect payroll can be costly. Automated Kronos® time and payroll solutions help ensure that you pay your people correctly and on time, every time.

Getting payroll right is challenging — but research shows that getting it wrong can cost you in more ways than you might think. Many organizations today still rely on manual or disparate time tracking and accounting, which increases their chances of errors from missing pay to penalties for inaccurate tax payments.

Reducing Payroll Errors

With a Kronos workforce solution for payroll, you can:

  • Empower managers to manage by exception, reviewing and approving employee time daily, so pay accurately reflects employee time
  • Proactively identify issues and collaborate with email alerts and robust workflows that flag issues to avoid payroll problems
  • Unburden managers and supervisors to focus more time on revenue-generating activities such as customer service or production quality

Download this fact sheet to learn more about the pitfalls of relying on outdated manual payroll processes — and how an automated Kronos solution for payroll can help.