Retail relies on quality employees for success. Retailers are using human capital management to track, monitor, and process their workforce with one unified system.

Despite the influx of technology, retail remains a people business. Keeping the necessary HR data and functions operating at full capacity requires a new, technology-focused approach to employee management.

Redefining Retail Efficiency With Human Capital Firepower

Retailers are leveraging human capital management technology to provide a more meaningful experience for consumers, with solutions that allow them to:

  • Engage and empower associates with social media, wearables, and gamification
  • Put top performers on the floor at peak times
  • Get real-time insights into how their workforce is performing

Download this informative report to learn how retailers can leverage human capital management solutions to eliminate ineffective paper-based systems, remove back-office complexities, streamline HR functions, and combine disparate systems.

"To build an irresistible organization, retailers not only need to have real-time views into how engaged their employees are but also adopt new ways of involving the workforce in addressing operational problems."

Charlie DeWitt
Vice President, Business Development
Kronos Incorporated