The human capital management lifecycle begins with recruiting and hiring talent. And HR leaders are increasingly approaching recruitment and hiring as a crucial competitive differentiator. Facing a more competitive global business landscape, the challenge to recruit and hire the best workforce for the job has never been more pronounced.

Developing the next generation of corporate leaders is critically important. Other challenges include creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to the organization, remaining competitive in the talent marketplace, and finding employees with increasingly specialized skills.

Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow

Changing workforce demographics are creating skills gaps and making it more difficult for employers to source top talent. Technology and social media are altering how employers identify and communicate with job candidates. And the best talent isn’t looking for just any job — top performers want to work for organizations that are perceived as employers of choice.

As employers compete for the talent of tomorrow in a global, multi-generational workforce, they must recruit in new ways and leverage technology, like analytics, that improves results. By identifying the right skills, competencies, behaviors, and tendencies you can ensure the best candidates are hired. And by streamlining the hiring process you can find that “needle in a haystack,” allowing you to compete more effectively in a tight talent pool.

 Learn how human capital management technology tools could be the key to stronger recruiting and hiring.