Recruit and retain best-fit associates to drive retail digital transformation. Learn how workforce management tools give retailers a competitive edge.

Today’s retail customers want it all: personalized in-store attention and digital conveniences. Store associates with digital skills are uniquely positioned to provide the personalized, customer experiences that can propel this transformation forward.

Recruit and retain best-fit associates to drive retail transformation

Workforce challenges are critical as retailers scramble to find the digitally savvy employees they need in a hypercompetitive global economy. Without digitally sophisticated associates who can quickly learn and adapt to new technologies, retail growth is curtailed.

By applying modern workforce management technologies for employee recruitment, training, and retention, retailers can attract and engage the best-fit associates to promote their brand's shopping experience.

These technologies can empower store associates to deliver the exceptional customer service that shoppers have come to expect. They also offer training, skills development, and employee engagement tools of particular importance to store associates with digital know-how.

This white paper details the crucial capabilities of workforce management solutions for retailers, such as:

  • Self-service functions that give employees better visibility into important company information, such as employee expertise
  • Scheduling and mobile capabilities that deliver a modern and consistent employee experience that supports shift swapping and geofencing
  • Analytics to support data-driven decisions that fuel competitiveness and improve visibility into workforce issues that can negatively impact customer experience

Download this white paper for more critical workforce strategies that can help recruit and retain best-fit store associates in this time of digital retail reinvention.