Learn about new and improved features when you check out the reasons to upgrade Workforce HR™ and Workforce Payroll™.

Find out how Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll are helping organizations streamline processes with easy-to-use tools and user-friendly enhancements.

Reasons to Upgrade Workforce HR and Payroll Datasheet

When you upgrade Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll, you can:

  • GAIN MOBILE AND TABLET ACCESS to pay history, benefits, contact information, direct deposit information, and more
  • LEVERAGE SELF-SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS to support personalization, increased notifications, and increased access to information
  • ENJOY EASY SETUP of benefit groups and new ways to configure between benefit plans
  • EXPERIENCE A REDECISNGED USER INTERFACE for payroll enhancements and more
  • GAIN BETTER INSIGHT and troubleshooting into HR reporting

Download this informative datasheet to learn more reasons why you should upgrade Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll.