Q&A with the Experts: Labor Tracking on and off Campus in a Crisis

Adapting to change with the flexibility of technology.

Tracking labor during a crisis brings challenges. Four higher education professionals share their insights about managing employees during a pandemic and how to prepare for a future crisis in Q&A with the Experts: Labor Tracking on and off Campus in a Crisis.

Find out how four universities utilized their UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) solutions to effectively manage their workforces when COVID-19 shut down much of their campuses and many employees began working remotely.

More about this white paper

Read what four panelists shared with Jen Perkins, higher education industry consultant at UKG, about the important insights they gained while responding to the pandemic, including how:

  • Visibility into real-time labor data is important to managing a remote workforce
  • An automated solution streamlines time tracking and provides flexibility to adapt to legislative changes
  • COVID-related pay codes can help with reporting for potential federal reimbursement
  • Flexibility to make adjustments to leave and comp time policies, for example, helps support employee engagement

Download this informative piece to learn about how these institutions of higher learning have used their UKG solution for efficient and effective labor management during the pandemic.

“It’s so important for organizations to consider and invest in an automated system to make sure that their business is going to continue to grow.”

Shauna Thompson
Senior Director of Administrative Information Systems & Payroll
Pace University