Q&A with the Experts: The Future of Remote Work in Higher Education

The technology and remote worker partnership.

The pandemic has changed the nature of work in higher education. Gain insight from a higher ed professional in The Future of Remote Work in Higher Education on how technology can help colleges and universities best manage remote staff and maintain labor compliance.

Discover the steps that higher education institutions are taking to accommodate the shift to managing an entire workforce that is working remotely.

More about this white paper

Jen Perkins, higher education industry consultant at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), speaks with Dennis Miller, AVP of human resources and benefits administration at Claremont Colleges, about:

  • The biggest issues facing colleges and universities today in managing their workforces
  • Which tools institutions are using to track the time of on-site and remote employees
  • How colleges and universities can save money to justify deploying workforce management technology
  • Which pandemic-related workforce management trends are here to stay

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“I would say now is the very, very best time to prepare for the future for organizations that may be a little hesitant to migrate from paper to technology-based time collecting.”

Dennis Miller
AVP Human Resources and Benefits Administration
Claremont Colleges