Planning for new technology is critical. Learn how leading retailers achieved their project goals with people-centric change management strategies.

Put Your People First

A workforce management solution is a smart business investment, but you’ll reap the rewards only if your people embrace the system and use it consistently. Bridging the gap between system deployment and adoption requires upfront planning, coordinated execution, and effective communication. You have to think about how the new tools and processes will affect your entire workforce — part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried, and seasonal — and make sure everyone understands why and how the technology is being introduced.

Gain insight into common best practices for achieving a smooth technology rollout, including:

  • Identifying change leaders who will champion the project and manage the transition
  • Assessing audience concerns and tailoring communications to overcome resistance
  • Cascading training throughout the organization to drive user adoption

Download this informative resource to find out how top retailers have realized technology project success through effective change management.