Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management explores how new technology platforms are transforming the workforce management market.

The way we work is changing, and the technology that helps you manage your workforce must keep up. Managers are required to make better decisions faster, and employees expect more from their workplace tools. Modern workforce management applications need to empower managers, enhance the employee experience, and support flexibility.

Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management Report

In this report, Gartner analysts advocate that organizations upgrade their workforce technology to a native cloud solution to gain access to next-generation capabilities and features that will better meet the needs of their changing workforce. These new innovations are game-changing for industries with a large proportion of hourly paid workers.

By 2023, at least 95 percent of sales of new workforce management applications will be deployed in the cloud.1 This comprehensive report explains how new technology platforms are evolving to a cloud-only future, supporting platforms to:

  • Be cloud-native, mobile-native, and data-driven in real time
  • Automate the manager experience with decision-making capabilities
  • Enhance the employee experience with consumer-grade apps and features
  • Be continuously updated with new and innovative functionality
  • Easily extend and integrate with other systems

Download this Gartner research report now to learn more about how the future of workforce management is here — and why you need to adopt it today to keep pace.


1Gartner, Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management (2018), at 2.
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