Prepare for predictive scheduling with workforce management tools that improve compliance. Learn how Kronos® can help.

Predictive scheduling laws are sweeping across the country, presenting a challenge for employers in the retail, hospitality, and food service industries, where flexible scheduling can be critical to successful operations. It can be difficult to stay abreast of advance notice rules, varying pay rules, and specific rest rules. It could be just a matter of time before this legislation is passed in a municipality or state where your organization does business. Updating workforce scheduling practices now can avoid potential compliance issues later.

Predictive and Flexible Scheduling

New workforce management tools and processes to improve compliance with predictive scheduling have arrived. The technology can help align employee staffing with demand, as well as correctly apply varying work rules and pay rules. But how can your organization use these tools effectively to create better employee experiences?

During this webinar you'll hear from a panel of experts about:

  • What predictive/flexible scheduling is and isn't
  • How it can impact your organization
  • New research related to the topic
  • State and local legal ramifications of non-compliance
  • What your organization can do to prepare
  • Automated tools and procedures to help make predictive scheduling compliance a reality