This short, on-demand webinar discusses the process of migrating to Workforce Dimensions™ and the many ways Kronos helps ensure that your migration is successful.

Power Moves: Migrating to Workforce Dimensions

Kronos is making migration easy and effective by providing feature parity between Workforce Central and Workforce Dimensions; developing financial incentives for the migration; staffing a dedicated migration team; building specialized integration tools; and supporting backward compatibility for time clocks so you can leverage your workforce management investment.

Watch the on-demand webinar, Power Moves: Migrating to Workforce Dimensions, to learn important, need-to-know info about the migration process and how to get started on the pathway to a more empowered, future-facing workforce. Presented by Michael Spataro, Vice President of Workforce Dimensions Services, and Jennifer Dearman, Vice President of Customer Success, this webinar will provide you with expert answers to questions that include:

  • How do I deploy software on an entirely new platform?
  • How will Kronos support my employees’ transition to a new product?
  • What are the advantages if I have just completed a recent upgrade in Workforce Central?
  • What is the migration process for existing customers?
  • How is Kronos ensuring my long-term success?