This is the second webinar in the HR technology-focused series showcasing thought leaders with insights for integrating technology into their HR strategy.

This webinar series highlights the effective uses of HR technology, best practices for setting-up HR technology in your organization, strategies for identifying a best-fit HR technology system and change management for HR technology.

The Power of HR Tech Pilot Programs webinar replay

The fact is, your HR Tech system could be limiting productivity and causing unnecessary costs. With constantly changing technology, it's important to find a system that will drive transformation. Replay The Power of HR Tech Pilot Programs to hear Jeanne Achille, founder and CEO of The Devon Group and Women in HR Tech Summit Chair for the U.S. and Singapore, discuss how to integrate HR technology pilot programs without disrupting the employee experience. In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify if your vendors offer pilot programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and fit of HR technology
  • Measure the success of pilot programs
  • Integrate HR Tech through pilot programs