Post-COVID-19: How Healthcare Can Maximize the Employee Experience

Workforce and human capital management can improve employee and leader experience post pandemic.

Healthcare faces staffing challenges worsened by COVID-19. In this eBook, learn how AI-powered human capital and workforce management technology can build a more efficient, resilient, and engaged workforce better prepared to deliver exceptional patient care.

The shortage of medical staff is affecting not only hospitals but also skilled-nursing and rehabilitation facilities, physician offices, urgent care clinics, labs, and treatment centers. The demand for medical professionals will only increase as the population ages, making recruiting, engaging, and retaining staff even more important.

More about this eBook

Human capital and workforce management technology can help healthcare organizations streamline processes and access valuable information to improve:

  • Recruiting and onboarding of new hires with mobile technology to get them on the job faster
  • Scheduling using automated processes that forecast labor needs and align scheduling of appropriately skilled staff with patient needs
  • Employee engagement, as automated shift scheduling enables employees to establish their shift preferences and see their schedules in advance, helping them maintain work-life balance
  • Data insight through analytics tools that provide real-time data for informed decision making

Download this piece to learn more about how integrated human capital and workforce management solutions that use AI deliver a range of benefits to healthcare organizations. And also discover why waiting to utilize this technology could present more risks than moving forward now.

“If you invest in your people and provide them the technology they need to do their jobs, you will develop an engaged workforce and have better outcomes.”

Nanne Finis
Chief Nurse Executive