A PennEnergy survey report on the effects of employee fatigue in the Energy sector.

PennEnergy:  The Effects of Employee Fatigue and its Management in the Energy Industry

Finding and producing energy is a full-time, non-stop business. Oil and gas firms are challenged by growing demand, tough competition, and a strict regulatory environment. Exploration, production, refining, distribution and transportation— all can and do operate on a 24/7/365 basis. Not surprisingly, employee fatigue poses a serious challenge to the energy sector. Fatigue can cost billions each year in absenteeism and lost productivity, while contributing to the occurrence of minor incidents and increasing the risk of major industrial accidents.

As illuminated by this industry survey, oil and gas executives and managers are mostly aware of the issues and causes of employee fatigue. Most companies, however, lack the processes needed to effectively monitor and manage employee fatigue. Organizations that do have internal controls and/or proactive monitoring systems estimate their fatigue-related cost-per-employee to be lower. Read the report to learn more.