Payroll: The New Key to Strategic Decision-Making looks at how payroll can optimize their data to play a larger role in their organizations' success.

Payroll data tends to be the most trusted source of information in an organization because it demands the most transparency — and by optimizing this valuable data, especially with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud, payroll can become a more significant contributor to their organizations' strategic decision-making.

Payroll: The New Key to Strategic Decision-Making

Solutions that integrate HR, payroll, workforce management, time and attendance, and talent management in a single application can help enable decisions that optimize organizational costs and workforce strategies. Transactional information collected in a true single SaaS payroll system can inform a company in many ways:

  • Headcount data offers enterprisewide visibility into year-to-date numbers
  • Hire and termination dates show length of service and can track new-hire retention and turnover
  • Job code changes can show an organization how successful they are at nurturing employee professional development
  • Reward statements can show employees the value their company is delivering beyond salary
  • Deeper visibility provided by payroll can give managers better control over labor costs and overtime

Read this article now to learn how unified, cloud-based applications are helping payroll provide data that is delivering limitless insight to their companies — and elevating them to key players in organizational success.