Payroll: Making the Case for Change

How to build a case for a unified payroll solution that aligns with business goals

Payroll professionals are turning to today’s best-of-breed human capital management (HCM) technology to better manage the expectations and demands placed on them and to achieve greater business results. But making the case for change can be difficult.

In this paper you’ll learn how to gather the insight, evidence, and support you’ll need to present a persuasive proposal for change that will successfully capture the attention of executive decision makers.

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More about this white paper

Your payroll business case will need to identify costs and potential cost reductions as part of the benefits from the payroll software. Five key areas to identify payroll costs are:

  • Payroll errors
  • Payroll productivity
  • Self-service
  • Total cost of current system
  • Compliance risk

After identifying the cost savings that can be realized from a new payroll solution, it’s time to create a compelling argument to present to leadership. For payroll, important business goals include streamlining processes, eliminating redundant data entry and manual processes, increasing productivity while reducing costs, and improving compliance and controls.

Once you’ve identified the business drivers and defined the purpose for the change, you need to convey this information to others to garner their input and support. It’s important to determine who the key stakeholders will be and what their concerns and needs are.

Finally, as you complete your business case, make sure that you’ve linked each new technology improvement to a benefit realized. The benefit might not always be hard-dollar savings, but every case should show how the new technology directly connects to an actual benefit for the company and the company’s goals.

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