Payroll: If It’s Not Broken, Still Fix It

Evaluate your payroll system now to see if you need a unified timekeeping and payroll solution.

Payroll: If It's Not Broken, Still Fix It explores why your organization should be regularly evaluating its payroll and timekeeping processes and systems.

Originally featured in the American Payroll Association's PAYTECH magazine, this insightful article explains how a comprehensive evaluation could reveal a strong case for change.

As your business evolves and labor laws change, payroll tasks need to be accurate and efficient enough to keep up. Even if it's taken a while to get those existing processes and configurations in place, changes may be necessary. And although this can be scary, consequences such as paycheck and data errors, noncompliance, and disengaged employees are worse.

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More about this white paper

This article provides a handy checklist to get you started and guide you through an evaluation with a series of questions about each of these critical payroll areas:

  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Employee experience
  • Reporting and analytics

Completing the checklist will help you find areas for improvement, create an action plan to boost payroll process efficiency — and determine whether it's time to consider a new unified payroll and timekeeping solution. It could be a great first step to modernizing your payroll applications and offering greater overall value to your organization. Learn more by downloading the article now.

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