Payroll-Based Journal Policies Fact Sheet

Are you prepared to meet these initiatives?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced payroll-based journal (PBJ) policy changes effective April 2018. See an update overview.

Facilities that submit PBJ information to CMS have demonstrated improvements in the completeness and accuracy of their submissions. Based on these improvements, CMS has posted changes in PBJ policies.

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Rating information relative to these policies will be posted on the Nursing Home Compare Tool on and in the Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating System. These updated PBJ policies include the following areas:

  • Payroll-based journal submission data will be used to determine a facility's staffing measure and staffing rating
  • Staffing audits will be conducted at facilities with identified issues, including meal time reporting, each employee having a unique identifier, and minimum data set assessments
  • Not meeting requirements for registered nurse staffing will result in a one-star rating
  • Hours per resident per day (HPRD) will be used as the measures for nursing staff and physical therapy staff

Download this informative fact sheet to learn more about CMS payroll-based journal policy changes.