Maximize your potential for payroll-based journal reporting and be prepared for the next phase. Learn how Kronos® can help.

The Affordable Care Act introduced specific mandates for collecting staffing data at long-term care facilities. Providers are now required to report detailed information about the work employees perform as well as demographic HR data. The program is known as the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ). Documenting PBJ data has become an administrative burden that has left many providers looking for ways to reduce the time it takes, so they can focus on delivering quality care.

Payroll-Based Journal

Also, recently PBJ data began affecting Five-Star ratings. As a result, many facilities are seeking to maximize their potential, and find out where they should be — after five quarters of data submission. Facilities also want to be sure they are prepared for an audit and the next phase in the PBJ journey.

During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Designate a good data steward
  • Explain the data - and get the most out of your numbers
  • Know if you're reporting everything you need to
  • Be ready for your audit

Hear from an expert the tasks that need to be on your PBJ checklist.