Optimizing Healthcare Resource Planning and Allocation

A balanced approach to managing labor and demand.

Healthcare needs to more effectively use labor resources and recruit talent. COVID-19 has shown the importance of having the right staff in place. Organizations have realized that without centralized staffing and scheduling they have poor systemwide resource visibility.

Unprecedented technological advancements that occurred during the pandemic have brought to light the importance of integrated solutions and are pushing companies over the technology tipping point. According to McKinsey & Company, “The crisis has brought about a sea change in executive mindsets on the role of technology in business. In our 2017 survey, nearly half of executives ranked cost savings as one of the most important priorities for their digital strategies. Now, only 10 percent view technology in the same way; in fact, more than half say they are investing in technology for competitive advantage or refocusing their entire business around digital technologies.”

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Staffing and scheduling solutions are vital tools that enable healthcare organizations to plan and manage resources, both day-to-day and shift-to-shift. By centralizing staffing and scheduling, organizations can streamline processes, improve accuracy of data and reporting, and reduce administrative burdens on operational leaders. And by aligning staffing and scheduling with strategic initiatives, healthcare organizations can succeed in today’s financially volatile environment.