Set common principles and practices that can be adapted for local expectations and sensibilities when operating across borders.

Learn how to create an equilibrium between global standardization and localization by being adaptable with a willingness to listen to advice from experts and employees on cultural differences that must be considered during process and policy development.

Operating Across Borders: Managing an Evolving Workforce

Major cultural differences around the world could pose challenges to your organization. By reading this white paper, you'll find out how multinationals can negate — or even leverage — their impact to create sound workplace policies. You'll learn about the three major cultural categories, including:

  • Country culture — and how any company operating internationally should make a thorough examination of not only national and labor laws, but also local culture
  • Company culture — and how operating in a new country and culture requires integrating the original corporate culture with new societal norms and expectations
  • Compliance culture — and how organizations can navigate the compliance maze with the assistance of an established and informed research partner, consultant, or formal legal counsel

Download this informative white paper to learn more about how global expansion can affect your organization's growth and how you can successfully manage your workforce to ensure that your operations are efficient.