An HCI-Kronos survey of 350 firms found that first impressions really do matter and a bad onboarding experience can hurt employee retention.

Many of today's firms have invested in talent management systems to help reduce turnover, but, quite often, this technology is neglected. The survey found that 36 percent of firms have insufficient technology to automate or organize the onboarding process, while 75 percent reported that onboarding practices are underutilized.

Survey on the state of onboarding software

Getting a job seeker excited about taking on a new job can be undercut by an antiquated onboarding system or underused onboarding technology, which was intended to make the onboarding process more efficient. And in a tight labor market, this can be a big mistake.

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"A good onboarding process can make a difference in whether people leave work on that first day wondering what they have gotten themselves into and whether they made a huge mistake."

Howard Klein
Professor of management of human resources at Ohio State University