Onboarding Checklist

How to transform a clunky new-hire process into a great opportunity for your organization

Make your new hires and your HR team happy. Our Onboarding Checklist streamlines the new-hire process and saves valuable HR time and resources.

Onboarding is inevitable, and it’s something many HR teams dread. It can be a cumbersome process with lots of paperwork and drains on resources. But there is a way to organize and simplify the process so you’ll not only bring joy to your new hires with an excellent employee experience — but you’ll also give your HR team an efficiency boost.

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Our comprehensive onboarding checklist includes:

  • The value of preboarding to leverage the new hire's excitement and get a jump on tasks
  • Day 1 tasks that go beyond a one-and-done orientation
  • Ideas for Week 1 that facilitate new-hire relationship-building
  • Tasks for months one through six that ensure your HR team is properly monitoring new-hire progress and partnering with cross-functional teams for greater efficiency

Download this checklist and start your own efficient onboarding program that fully leverages every step of the new-hire process for optimum results.