Nine to Thrive HR Podcast

Deb Wolfen, HR Manager at EPS Security, discusses effective talent acquisition strategies

Finding qualified candidates can be a struggle. Listen to this podcast to learn the strategies EPS Security is using to recruit and retain talent in a competitive job market.

As the world of work changes, talent acquisition strategies are evolving. In this HCI podcast, Deb Wolfsen, HR manager at EPS Security, discusses the hiring challenges the organization faces and the investments in recruiting and retention processes they are utilizing to be an employer of choice. The discussion also includes new research, sponsored by HCI and Kronos, into how high-performing organizations approach talent acquisition differently.

More about this podcast

Topics discussed during the podcast include:

  • Areas where high-performing organizations are making investments in recruiting
  • How using data can help customize the recruiting process
  • The role of organization branding during recruiting
  • Effective tactics for recruiting and retaining employees and building engagement

Listen to this podcast to learn more about EPS Security’s successful talent acquisition and retention strategies.

“The biggest thing is having a good ATS (applicant tracking system), and it’s critical to be using it to its full capacity to get that data that you need to see how you need to change your recruiting.”

Deb Wolfsen, HR Manager
EPS Security

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