The applications manager at GATE Petroleum discusses why her company chose to transition to Workforce Dimensions and how they experienced that transition.

GATE Petroleum is a privately held, diversified corporation with more than 3,000 employees headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company’s core businesses include convenience stores, precast concrete plants, real estate ventures, a hospital division, fuel services, and fleet services. Dana Landrum, applications manager, discusses the company’s experience with the transition to Kronos® Workforce Dimensions.™

The Next Dimension of Workforce Solutions

Landrum discusses:

  • The Motivation
    The company's motivation for choosing to migrate from iSeries Timekeeper to Workforce Dimensions
  • The Effect
    Why the enhanced functionality of Workforce Dimensions and its easy adoption led to a positive user experience for everyone at the company
  • Product Highlights
    What it was like to be a beta tester for the new InTouch DX clock, and how easy it is to use and configure
  • Final Advice
    Smart tips for embracing a new software

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