The New Hire Momentum: Driving the Onboarding Experience  executive summary offers top takeaways from research on the benefits of better onboarding.

New Hire Momentum: Driving the Onboarding Experience Executive Summary

This study, by the Human Capital Institute and Kronos, reveals that most organizations are missing a critical opportunity to capitalize on the passion and enthusiasm of new hires through effective onboarding.

In this high-level breakdown of the comprehensive research study, you’ll learn how:

  • Onboarding is a missed opportunity for most employers
  • Consistent and collaborative onboarding programs can reduce manager workloads
  • Organizations that create onboarding programs with clear goals and measure their success realize more positive business results
  • Plans to address these issues should include an investment in resources

As the research makes clear, well-structured onboarding programs that balance people, performance, and paperwork can maximize the energy of new hires and position them for long-term success. Download this executive summary to learn more or view the full report.