Find out how to use AI as a personal digital assistant for public-sector scheduling and overtime in our article in the latest GovLoop tech guide.

Download the guide now to gain valuable insight from a Kronos public sector expert on how a solution that includes artificial intelligence, or AI, can serve as a digital assistant to gather data and leverage it to predict workforce trends and forecast burnout and employee retention — automatically.

Need an Assistant? Try a Digital One.

Government agencies and departments are often understaffed and short on resources. Overtime assignments and poorly scheduled shifts that can lead to issues like fatigue are the norm for many vital state and local agencies, including health and human services, fire, and police. Managers need to stay ahead of these issues — but using outdated manual processes to do so can be inefficient, error-prone, and costly.

An HCM solution with AI can:

  • Sort and analyze your workforce data to optimize its value
  • Make best-fit recommendations on scheduling and overtime based on historical data
  • Leverage the cloud to automatically produce and distribute schedules and run compliance checks based on your agency's criteria
  • Increase visibility into important metrics in a central location that can help you place the right people in the right place at the right cost

Download the GovLoop guide now and discover how you can bring data-driven insight to managing scheduling and overtime through AI from an expert.