Nelson Hall’s Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) is a method by which strategic sourcing managers can evaluate outsourcing vendors offering HCM technology.

NEAT Evaluation for Kronos: Next Generation HCM Technology

The NEAT tool assesses the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best performing vendors with a specific focus either on the small company market or the mid-to-large company market. In the report, Nelson Hall identifies Kronos as:

  • A Leader in the Small Market Focus market segment, exhibiting both a high ability to deliver immediate benefit and a high capability to meet client future requirements.
  • An Innovator in the Mid/Large Market Focus market segment, exhibiting a high capability to meet client future requirements but having scope to enhance their ability to deliver immediate benefit.

According to Nelson Hall, outlook for Kronos includes:

  • Continuation of its rapid growth and adoption of Workforce Ready, primarily from the small market.
  • Greater ability to compete for the mid-sized employer market through continuous investments in its platform features and functionality, its improved UX/UI, mobile capability; and advanced automation, AI, and machine learning capabilities.
  • Further improved market presence as Workforce Ready continues to gain clients and relevance as a leading HCM platform option.
  • Revenue growth for Workforce Ready in the coming year in the 20%- 25% range.

Download this informative report to learn more about NEAT findings for Kronos.