Navigating Pandemic-Driven Disruption with Workforce and HCM Solutions

IDC paper discusses how healthcare leaders can utilize technology to address the future of work.

Industry leaders should leverage workforce and human capital management solutions to adapt to the future of healthcare. Learn how in the IDC Analyst Connection, sponsored by UKG, Navigating Pandemic-Driven Disruption with Workforce and Human Capital Management Solutions.

The pandemic has demonstrated the value of technology in both delivering virtual care and effectively managing clinical staff in providing on-site care. The use of mobile technology, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies will only increase during the future of work (FoW) in healthcare.

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In response to questions posed by UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group), Mutaz Shegewi, research director at IDC Health Insights, discusses how the pandemic has affected healthcare organizations, which strategies they have implemented, and how they can prepare for the future, including:

  • What changes healthcare leaders need to make to adapt to new norms
  • How healthcare leaders are adapting to the changing expectations of the workforce
  • The role of workforce and human capital management technologies in the future of work
  • How healthcare organizations can create a safe environment
  • How advanced technologies will accelerate change in healthcare

Download this informative Analyst Connection to learn how healthcare organizations should address these issues.

IDC predicts that for healthcare, “by 2023, human-machine collaboration and AI-driven interfaces will have revolutionized the FoW in one out of three health systems.”

Mutaz Shegewi, Research Director
Worldwide Provider IT Transformation Strategies
IDC Health Insights