Modernizing Workforce Management in Mid-Sized Cities and Counties is a Q&A session with key HR decision-makers hosted by The Governing Institute.

Employees are the public sector's most valuable assets, but paper processes and siloed legacy systems often prevent government agencies from gaining efficiencies and realizing cost savings to reinvest back into their employees. Ultimately, modernized workforce management can empower city and county leaders to build a more sustainable public workforce for the future.

Modernizing Workforce Management in Mid-Sized Cities and Counties Q&A

Barbara Hill, director of human resource development, City of Fayetteville, North Carolina; Kate Baldwin, human resources and benefits manager, City of Sterling Heights, Michigan; and Linda Misegadis, public sector business consultant director at Kronos, answer questions that include:

  • Why is modernizing workforce management in the public sector so important?
  • What efficiencies can cities and counties realize by modernizing their workforce management?
  • What benefits do employees get from modernized workforce management?
  • How can you best obtain employee buy-in for a workforce management solution?

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