Managing Your Hourly Manufacturing Workforce in Times of Uncertainty

A platform designed to connect employees and managers.

Learn how to manage your hourly workforce in challenging times in our Managing Your Hourly Manufacturing Workforce in Times of Uncertainty datasheet.

During times of operational disruption, manufacturers must keep employees safe and connected to the organization. They need the ability to communicate regularly with the workforce to keep them informed and engaged while facilitating accurate compensation. The UKG Dimensions™ suite can help you connect and engage with your hourly staff during these uncertain times.

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UKG Dimensions helps ensure two-way communication with your hourly employees and allows you to make guided decisions using employee insights. With this unified platform, you can:

  • Keep employees informed of critical information via multiple channels
  • Deploy a skilled workforce to respond to shifting production requirements
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to streamline workflows, help identify patterns, and respond quickly to changes on the plant floor
  • Facilitate accurate, on-time employee reimbursement

Download this datasheet now to learn more about how UKG Dimensions can help your manufacturing business navigate these challenging times.