Learn how you can develop a cost-efficient, productive, and high-performance workforce by managing the ripple effect of employee absence.

Find out how to save your organization time and money, spare your customers and partners unnecessary disruption, and help you HR department efficiently and effectively manage the ripple effect of employee absence.

Managing the Ripple Effect of Employee Absence

Manual processes for absence management can take time from HR that could be used for more valuable and strategic work while allowing increased potential for inaccuracy as information is passed from employee to manager to HR. And as if that wasn't enough, manual efforts also make it extremely difficult to find and analyze absence data. By automating absence management solutions, your organizations can see benefits such as:

  • Control the cost of absence by managing direct costs — such as replacing workers, and indirect costs — such as productivity losses
  • Gain visibility into workforce data to ensure accuracy, spot trends, guarantee consistency of processes, and make data-driven decisions
  • Increase efficiency with an automated solution by eliminating the administrative burden and allowing managers to focus on priorities
  • Improve the employee experience by reducing stress over employee absence and building transparency through data-driven processes

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